Build 1.0.0 - Game Jam Timeline (Part I)

04/03/2018 :
- Gathered up our team for Taira Games' Dev Squad Game Jam 5 

- Brainstormed ideas ( this clip from our music producer helped us a lot) 

- Settled on an isometric 3d puzzle game.
   Inspiration 1

Inspiration : Hyper Light Drifter

- Settled on a low poly faceted solid coloured art style. Inspiration

Inspiration : Lara Croft Go


- Made the basic controls 

- Made vegetation and building structures for the 1st levelBuilding structures level 1

Building structures (modular) for the 1st level

Rejected tree
Tree model [Rejected]

Tree model
Tree model
Architecture + veg
Architecture & vegetation combined


Windows 58 MB
Apr 11, 2018


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