A downloadable game for Windows

Controls : 

Movement - W,S,A,D

Pickup - LMB, drop - RMB 

Keep clicking on a box while on a higher platform to move it upwards

Plot : 

Once upon a time, there lived a mage. In the floating island of Tarkazam. At his academy, he was probably the worst among the mages of his age. But that didn't stop his curiosity to flourish. 

His name was Timo. Timo was orphaned as a child. . He has spent 10 years at the Migona Mage Magicia trying to master the art of telekinesis. But he wasn't anything compared to his peers. Everyone mocked him, made fun of him. One day Timo decided not to take any more of this bullshit. He left the island of Takrkazam venturing into the restricted islands, to add a meaning to his life. 

He travelled for 3 months  and finally landed upon some strange destroyed structure which he believed to be a temple. 

[This is an early prototype and does not represent the final product]

Install instructions

Installation :

 > Unzip  

> run DOKK.exe

> game on


Windows x86_x64.zip 58 MB

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