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Diving deep into a dark dystopian setting, Adam's Ale is a linear story driven game taking place in a post-apocalyptic Mongolia. A ravaging chemical war has led to the contamination of the earth's water bodies leaving them in grave peril, after which the world unites under a single organisation, Rotary. Due to the lack of a proper constitution which lays the guidelines to rule the people Rotary quickly rises to power turning it into an autocracy. Taking control over the last uncontaminated water reserves of the world, Rotary starts selling them to the highest bidders leaving very little for the common populace. As Jagdesh Mukherjee, you join the rebellion to destroy the autocratic regime and give back to the people, what's rightfully theirs

[ An early prototype, doesn't represent the final product. This game is still under development. For further information visit http://knobgames.com ]

Software Used:-

Unity,Blender, 3ds Max, Maximo Autorigger, After Effects, Photoshop,Visual Studio, Fuse

Team Length:- 6

Install instructions

Download and extract the file and click on the .exe file to play.Enjoy!


Adam's Ale.rar 43 MB


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